Here's what's wrong with the world. . . . .

In my opinion, this is what is wrong with the world. . . .Too many electrical ions or bions or reons (whatever they are called) floating around in the atmosphere. Intruding on our brains.
I have an old house, not many electical outlets. It was built before everyone had a computer, a television, a phone w/answering machine, etc, etc, etc in every room! My bedrooms have one electrical outlet - sufficient for a light, an alarm - not sufficient for today's world. Am I going to have to build a new house to accomodate gadgets? I thought their purpose was to simplify life, not complicate it.
I've always said computers are needy - need a desk, need a printer, need software, need a connection to internet, need updating, need security, need, need, need!!!! We should get a tax deduction for every computer we support!

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