Water is not my friend.................

4/6/15 - I am hoping the mailman brings the replacement part I need for my bathroom faucet.  This will be the 3rd time I have had to make this repair.  It has something to do with the anti-scald valve.  After use, it becomes so clogged, hot water will no longer come out of the faucet  The old valve is shown in the picture.  The Pfister company sends a free replacement but the inconvenience of having to replace it is annoying.  Not to mention that I am not the best plumber and I am always concerned that I will break something,

Then, the water heater at the garage apartment has not received much use this winter.  I had to use it yesterday since I do not have hot water in my bathroom shower/tub area.  Just look what one shower did to my silver ring..............I guess it is the sulfur in the water.  This is the same ring I photographed a couple of days ago - my last post on Lapis Lazuli and Cobalt Blue. Now the ring looks almost copper.  It will clean up but it takes some rubbing.   Ahhhhhh!  Country living! 

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