I am cookin' today............

4/7/15 - Tuesday:  It is one of those damp Spring mornings.  I think some vegetable soup would be a good thing, so I will be off early for ingredients.  I should know how to make soup without a recipe by now; however, I always bring out the "Betty Crocker's New Dinner for Two" cook book for reference.  I received this book as a wedding gift back in 1965.  I use a lot of the recipes to this day, i.e. Snickerdoodles, meat loaf, stuffed green peppers, penuche icing to name a few.  The fact that the covers are off, pages are soiled, torn, and loose from the binding are clear indications the book has been well-used.

To the left is the recipe I will use today.  I do add lots of other ingredients and love shredded cabbage strips in the soup over noodles. I guess the addition of marjoram, parsley and thyme is one of the flavor keys.

Speaking of key ingredients,  the addition of juice from one lemon added to bean soup makes a big difference I think.  I've been told that Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, said if he could only have one seasoning, it would be black pepper. It might be a good idea to start adding a little more to my cooking.

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