It started out so good....................

On Thursday, Oct 22, I attended a Jackpot party at the local casino.  The party consisted of drawing 10 names every hour from 6 - 10 pm.  Drawing winners were allowed to select a bottle of champagne which would then reveal a prize amount for "casino cash" to be used for slot play.  I didn't even get there until 8 pm so only 2 drawings remained for the evening.  First drawing, not me.  Second, and last drawing, they had gone through 9 names, not me.  But, the very last name drawn...............Christine ME!  That's right.  I got selected to pick a bottle.  I was kind of happy to be last because that meant I would receive the last bottle and there would be no picking necessary.  However, 3 people chosen in my group were "no shows" so that left 4 bottles on the table for me to pick from of which one contained $1,200 in slot play.  I selected that bottle.  Now, the rest of the story: I made exactly 0.00 dollars on that casino cash!  I did have $218 ahead at one time but continued to play and lost everything.  Reminds me of a movie I saw that contained the quote, "Las Vegas is full of LOSERS who thought they could do better."  

On a different note.................................

In the lapsed time from my last few postings, I met up with the old Markleville group.  Attending was one of my old classmates from back in the sixties.  He lives in California so it is rare to visit with him.  A friend sent a picture of the two of us which reminded me of previous pictures taken together.  Just thought I would attach a couple photos to show how the years of changed us. Ha!

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