Supernatural Mystery Shawl - Clue 3

October 30, 2015 -  Here is my Supernatural Mystery Shawl.  I am only on Clue 3, so a little behind the rest of the group.  This section is going smoothly but I have paused on Row 99 to add a lifeline.  I like the design.  I kind of wish I had used a little better yarn.  This one is soft but seems to have a tendency to pill - you know, get those fuzz balls.

Also shown are some houseplants I have had for years....... since the 80's!!?????

I am just about ready to call a stop to dragging them indoors for the winter.  I do have a place to hang one of the ferns, but the other plants just have to set around on the floor and take up valuable space in my little house.  I have a few more above freezing days to make a decision.


Also, my doctor appointment went ok.  I have surgery scheduled for November 19.  It is  a procedure called a cold knife cone biopsy with dilation & curettage.  Sounds like I will only be down for about 4 days unless something additional is found.  I can handle that.

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