Wagon Fixed

July 24, 2015 - I felt better about spending $65 for tires for this little red wagon after I got some use from it.  I need to spend a whole day going around and trimming low hanging branches.  Since my mowing tractor is so tall, it doesn't fit under the low branches.  Even if I duck, the roll bar behind me does not!  There have been a few times when I thought a whole branch was going to get pulled down on me; therefore, I do not duck anymore!

I did get the yard mowed yesterday but I still have trimming to do.  I sure wish the weedeater was working!  I spent $79 having it tuned up and It is out of adjustment already.  I wouldn't even mind all the yanking to get it started if it weren't for the fingers that stick closed.  When that happens, I can't let go of the pull rope because my hand won't open!  Of course there are always small limbs and sticks blown down.  As I am climbing on and off this tractor to pick them up, I wonder if I will still be climbing on and off this thing at 80 years old!!!

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