July 9, 2015 - I have been reading more books lately.  I think it is because television programs are so awful plus the fact that commercials seem to go on and on forever!  I get so tired of someone, something, someplace forcing information at me about products they are promoting.  It is EVERYWHERE!  Make a call, get put on hold while they feed their ads in your ear.  Walk through Wal-Mart, endcaps contain automatic startup of ads to pitch some product.  Don't forget that all the TV's in the electronics department are tuned in to promote yet another product.  Go to the grocery, out comes your receipt and more surveys, coupons, ads!  Well, that is the reason I am reading more - to get away from commercials, etc. 
  I just want to make a comment on the book Secrets of the Light by Dannion Brinkley.  Actually the material seemed to be exactly like every other Near Death Experience review.  Nothing particularly revealing.  The one statement that I did click with  was a simple sentence:

"What we DO in our lives is not as important as WHY we do it."  So, what really matters --- our INTENT, the motivating factors supporting any action taken.

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