Vests and Necklace

9/18/2015 - A couple of days ago I packed up this old wooden safari necklace to send to a customer. Occasionally I still sell an item or two on Artfire where my seller name is Panacea.  I felt a little sad about letting this old necklace go. I had sold an even nicer one with more carved animals earlier.  So, this may be a "good seller" if I run across more of them.  I really need to add some new items to my online store.  Heaven knows I have enough things to list!  I got a little discouraged with the high price of postage, the increases in what Paypal takes, poor computer connection, etc. & haven't been updating the site. 
Today started with a need to change the apartment's toilet fill mechanism.  I watched a couple U-tube videos and am ready to tackle that task,  In fact, I removed it already, cleaned out a little of the rust and I may be able to get by without a new one. 
Next I am going to Panera to meet up with the Knit'n Bitch group.  I really don't have a WIP going on right now.    I just signed up for a new Mystery shawl on Ravelry.  It is a circular, lace shawl, neck cowl, in-the-roiund, eyelet, mesh, one-piece, chart,  type thing from the clues I have so far.  I need  1100-1300 yards of fingering yarn to complete this project.  Here is the info on this Supernatural MKAL project if anyone wants to follow along or make their own. It is linked somehow to the show entitled Supernatural.  The  clues for the knitting project, Supernatural MKAL, will be released starting with the Season Premier of Season 11 on October 7, with each subsequent clue being released once a week on
Wednesdays.  I am hoping it will look something like this top circular crochet vest.  Tonal or solid colors were suggested so it may look more like the one on the bottom, left or top right.

  The bottom right shawl is great, but a little too long for me to ever wear! It is advertised for sale at $145.

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