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Today I am going to the rock and gem show in Greenfield, Indiana.  I really don't have a special item in mind to buy.  Just being in all that wonderful stone energy is a treat for me.  I did look up some info on the web and found a couple items suggested for a Libra born October 9.  Perhaps I will look for an Ammonite.  The spiral is a special symbol for me.  Note: Check out your birthdate here -  place the cursor on Astrology/Crystal heading and select your sign from the drop down list - great site, full of fun info!  Three crystal suggestions are given for past, present and future.  Here are mine:


Birthdays - October 7 – 9
Key Word - Congruity

Crystal - Ammonite
Attributes - This fossil brings you harmony, dignity and splendor. It gives you a sense of beauty, charm and charisma. Ammonite releases mental obsessions. It normalizes cell metabolism, energy output, heartbeat and fortifies the heart.
Message - Living with the natural rhythms and cycles of life.
Focus - Throughout life you revisit ideas, places and situations, spiraling upward toward holistic awareness.
Affirmation - I rejoice in the circle of life.


Birthdays - October 8 – 10
Key Word - Respite

Crystal - Blue Fluorite
Attributes - Blue fluorite will help you achieve justice in your life. Reduces over excitement and will settle you down to be quiet. Helps with frustration and disappointment. It helps you release obsessions. Alleviates coughs and hoarseness; helps with posture damage, deformities, bony growths and swelling.
Message - Pamper yourself, regain balance and confidence.
Focus - You speak up for yourself and others with a clear voice and a strong heart.
Affirmation - I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Birthdays - October 9 – 11
Key Word - Relaxation

Crystal - White Fluorite
Attributes - This stone will help you with ordering your life and purifying your soul. It is for emotional stability and inner peace. Helps you to learn more easily and being able to concentrate; it clears confusion and helps you maintain order. Aids in the healing of the skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract, nerves and brain. It eases coughs and allergies.
Message - Time out for quiet solitude, reflecting on adventurous days.
Focus - You pass your knowledge and experiences on to others, helping them to successfully navigate life.
Affirmation - I am in control and choose when to chart a new course in my life.

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