Supernatural MKAL, Clue 5 finished!

The anti-possession symbol is taking shape. Next few rows- FLAMES.
11/10/15 - I am caught up on the Supernatural MKAL Shawl!  Of course, we get a new clue tomorrow but for now I think I will do a little shopping and enjoy the day.  I have been helping Randy celebrate his birthday for the past several days and need a break from gorge eating.  We have been to Dave's Bar-B-Que, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, Tommy G's, Steak & Shake, plus his daughter's had a surprise birthday party for him at Shouts.  He gets these coupons from the internet, birthday clubs, and doesn't want top miss a free item.  He still has a coupon for Schula's that is burning a hole in his pocket.  Since my surgery is scheduled for the 19th, that coupon will need to be used soon, before the end of the month anyway.

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