Tree update.............................

12/3/14 - Thanks to a great neighbor, the downed tree branch has been sawed up and split into manageable pieces.  I know he spent 4 hours doing this, maybe more.  He suggested burning the larger pile because it was full of worms, bugs, you name it.  In the process of splitting and cutting, a dead squirrel was found in the tree, too.  I have another ash tree near the driveway that is dead.  A matter of time before that one comes down.  I have also heard there is a disease headed this way that attacks walnut trees.  When that happens, I am in big trouble.  Most of the trees in my yard are walnuts.  I will deal with that and the ash later.  It is a shame what is happening to the trees.  My neighbor said he has several Maple trees that are dying also.  This one was a Maple, too. 

This link is to an Indianapolis Star article discussing the Deadly Walnut Fungus found in Indiana.

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