Fine Food.....................

11/29/14 = As if all the food eaten for Thanksgiving celebrations wasn't enough,  Randy wanted to go to Schullas in Indianapolis for his birthday.  He had a coupon for a free entrée.  Meat items (everything else is ala'carte) start at $43.  We both chose the 24 oz Porterhouse which was $50.   I figured for $7 more than they were asking for the 6 oz filet, it was a good deal.  We also had sautéed mushrooms, steak fries (actually these were a little limp for my liking) and a Wedge Salad ($10).  Total bill was around $161 less his $50 coupon for a total of $111. I can understand having to pay for "fine dining", but the $30 charge for valet parking (half refunded for eating at the restaurant) was a little steep IMHO.  And, I suppose Randy tipped the valet in addition.  Oh, and don't forget the waiter's tip of  $40.  All in all an expensive evening but wonderful food and we have leftovers!  Expensive leftovers!!!!!

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