Making moves........................

11/11/14 - Making moves.  The first move is the one  Lilu and I made to the house and out of the  apartment.  She has decided she much prefers being an inside cat over being an outside cat.  She promptly found a nice hidey-hole to be out of sight and safe.  This is where she currently spends most of her day.  I am sure that will change when she is more secure.  I really don't mind the cat but I live in a small house.  A small house with very little insulation and hard to heat.  To accommodate her litter box I need to leave the door to the backroom and basement open.  That lets in sooooo much cold air.  The only other litter box choices are the kitchen (NOT) the small bedroom downstairs (would put the box about 2 foot from the bed, NOT) ---- well there just are not any other places I would put a litter box.  Darn!

On to the next move.  It is time to make a call and consult with my old dentist on what to do with my teeth.  There is no good solution there.

I am putting dealing with the farmer for next year on hold until later.

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