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11/8/14 -  I think I can put the hunt for a different car on hold for a couple years :(  I had a flare up with an old crown. Unfortunately it is a tooth that holds in my lower partial.  To the left is the estimate I received from the dentist to fix the problem.  That total is $10,868.72 and could be another $3,000  if he underestimated some of the work I needed from a different specialist.  He offered another $600 solution but that was not guaranteed to last. I am on the fence about what to do.  The office call to get this bad news was $86 plus $11 for meds to calm the infection. 
 I almost walked out of this dentist's office when the first thing he did was take a full mouth Xray!  I hate that!  In fact, just thinking about it makes me determined to find another solution.  I will call my old dentist in Lawrenceburg (2 hr drive).  He does Xrays where needed for $10.  If Dr. Z says I need all the work suggested by this "Carmel" guy"**** I will make the drive and pay him!  Of course, he doesn't do the implant portion either.   So, that is how I will start Tuesday.  A call to the dentist with a 2 hour drive in my future.

**** Carmel is a rather posh neighborhood where all the well-to-do's live.  This guy is not only a Carmel wannabee, he has a practice a few days a week in that area.  I think his charges are outlandish!

So, I do see the need for a job in my future if I have time between dental appointments! Right now my furnace at the apartment is still down.  Parts haven't come in yet.  That will probably be a total cost of $200 plus.  And, I am still waiting on the bill from that lawyer.  If he is as slow sending the bill as he was doing the work, it could be another 6 months.  I don't think his secretary is any ball of fire either and will probably not bring to his attention the case is finished!  Time will tell.  He surely cannot charge me a late fee for a bill I haven't received.

The weather is cool, windy and rainy.  I have a cold in addition to a bad tooth; however, I think I will drag my sorry self to breakfast with my classmates at 9:30 am.  I was awake at 2 am and made the mistake of turning on TV.  St. Elmo's Fire was playing.  Had to watch that.  Then I dozed off for awhile, up at a little after 5 and working on my Mystery Shawl.  As of yet I have not mastered the Brioche Stitch.  Going to get back to that right now!

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