Food Fairy????????

11/27/14 -Somebody had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner - including me. I found a "goody bag" filled with all the traditional foods and more, hanging on my door Thursday. This is only a portion of the items. I had already eaten another plate of salads and a bowl of whippy dessert before I took this picture. Thank you Food Fairy. Yummmmmmm.

 I also had the best turkey ever at my son's on Wednesday. He prepared a spectacular meal Kudos to John M. Stinson. So many of his wonderful friends were there also. 

 For me, more great food at a friend's in Summitville on Thursday followed by the Goody Bag Thursday evening. A wonderful day. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great.

I suspect the Food Fairy was one of my wonderful neighbors.  I'll have to investigate a little further.

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