Passed the test.........

11/4/14 - It has been a busy couple of days.  I will start with yesterday and work back a couple of days. 

Let's see.......I woke up yesterday ( I am still at my apartment on the farm.  Too lazy to get things moved back to the house, like my printer, computer, etc)  Well, I woke up yesterday chilly yet to the constant roar of my furnace.  The air coming from the high energy furnaces always feels cold to me so it took awhile for me to finally acknowledge something was really wrong.  After all, it was warmer outside than in my place!  So, I dug out the manual, tried the furnace reset, checked the filters, etc.  Finally I took a shot and called my "ace" repairman.

Luckily he was able to come right over.  That was about noon.  He is a great guy, very thorough.  So he was here for about 2-3 hours.  He likes to let it run, see if it will start the next time, check everything else, etc etc etc.  So, he determines it is something like the rollover switch.  Says there are 2 of them.  If one goes out the other probably will sooner or later.  At the suppliers  he found today, they were $28 each. To make a long story short, he was going to check for some lower priced ones, order them.  I did get a call from him last night saying he found some in town and will be out today to fix it.  Luckily we had another warm spell.  It was in the 50's again. 

And the stove.....while he was there I had him look the old gas stove over to see if he thought it was safe.  It passed the test.  I have the gas shut off downstairs and probably will not use it.  Mainly I do not want to leave the pilot lights burning.  They kind of scare me.  But it is easy to run downstairs, turn on the gas, wait a few minutes and light her up.  I have some other old pieces in the apartment like a pie safe, dry sink and me!  I thought it would be cool to have one of those racks above this old stove and hang pots and pans above. 

I listed it on Ebay but took it down before anyone had a chance to bid on it.  I guess I wanted to keep it.  I have an electric apartment size stove stored in the garage, ready to put up here, but no!  I keep this monster.  There is more but I need to get rolling!

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