Thanksgiving light......

11/21/14 - It has been awhile since I have taken the time  to post anything.  I just couldn't resist putting this picture on my blog.  It is a light the two little girls from next door brought over.  They wished me a Happy Thanksgiving.  The girls' names are Taylor and Summer........both as cute as can be.  Earlier this year they brought over some tomato plants for Mother's Day.  One little girl has straight dark hair while the other one is a curly-headed blonde.  The Mom and Dad are Amber and Skye ---- I like the earthy names. 

Well, not much new here but I have made two fruitful trips to Aurora to see my old dentist.  In three days and for less than $300, he took 5 X-rays, pulled the troublesome tooth, sent my partial in to have the new tooth added. It is now back in my mouth and I am getting along fine.  He has been my dentist for over 20 years and he is one of the things I miss about no longer having any connections to Aurora.

Randy took me both times.  That means I wasn't able to do any of my usual stops.  I pass 4 Goodwill stores on the way there.  Normally I love to stop at the store in Batesville and also Rushville.  Both of those stores seem to have better "junk".  We did stop at the Amish bulk food store.  I sure wish we had a place like that a little closer.  They have cheese at such good prices.  I also like to get their popcorn called Mushroom popcorn.  It pops so big I guess that is how it got its name. 

I will try to get back in the groove of updating my blog. I really miss the big desk in the apartment.  My computer room at the house has crowded space for my computer and I just do not enjoy using it here. 

Last night Randy and I went to see Gone Girl.  I am going to read comments on the internet about this show.  It sure left you with a lot to think about.

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