Putting in a lifeline........

11/9/14 - I had a lot of trouble trying to do the Brioche stitch introduced in Clue 2.  It resulted in me ripping out several rows including several from Clue 1.  I just now got everything back in order and ready to proceed with Clue 2.  This photo shows the pink thread that will be my "lifeline" if I mess things up again.  I am pretty good at picking up straight purl and knit stitches. If you have to rip out fancy yarn overs and stitches with two yarns, that isn't something I can do.  Even my practice piece turned out badly.  Maybe I will give that a few more rows before I try it on my shawl.

I have decided not to worry about the dentist or the furnace for today.  I am staying in all day, working on my shawl and hoping my throat and cold gets better before facing another dentist.  The furnace part was supposed to be here in 3 - 5 days so that will be here before the Polar Vortex that is on the way (I hope). 

A blog I like to visit here is The Daily Divination.  She gives little readings for all the signs.  Today, my sign, Libra,  received the animal card of Rabbit:
Rabbit - Banish fear. 

Move beyond fears stagnation. Listen to your heart.

As an additional note, when I used the Animal Cards, the story accompanying Rabbit showed how the little rabbit was the fear callerHe goes out and shouts "Eagle, I am so afraid of you"   If Eagle doesn't hear him, Rabbit calls louder, "Eagle, stay away from me!"   Eagle, now hearing Rabbit comes and eats him. 

Here is the lesson.  Stop talking about horrible things happening and get rid of "what if" in your vocabulary.  This card may signal a time of  worry about the future or of trying to exercise your control over that which is not yet in form -- the future.  STOP NOW!  Write your fears down and be willing to feel them.  Breathe into them, and feel them running through your body into Mother Earth as a give-away.

Ok - click on the link to The Daily Divination and see what your animal card is for the day.

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