11/14/14 - It is sunny but cold today.  In fact, we had a few snowflakes yesterday.  It was not good to hear the weatherman say the temperatures we are experiencing are typical of JANUARY!  Not much we can do about the weather but make the most of it.  I have lots of inside hobbies that I can catch up on when the outside work slows down.. 

 I do need to go out and pick the loofa gourds left on the garden fence.  I hope they peel easily and I have seeds for next year.  As you can see, my crop was small.  I had a few more picked earlier but all in all probably less than a dozen gourds.  Everything got kind of a late start this year.

Another thing I've been doing the last 2 days is chopping on my hair. As soon as I take my shower I will find out how successful my dry, curly Deva-type haircut came out. I've been letting the layers grow for over a year hoping to have a smooth hairstyle similar to Kelly Rippa and all the newscaster women.  You can imagine my disappointment when I chopped off the ends to a reasonable length and ended up with the TRIANGLE HEAD!  I give up. No more attempts to do the smooth hair.  I cut and tried to shape it per  this site.  This cut is done on dry hair. You just rake your fingers though it and cut away (in the crook of the curl) any strands that are making the shape wrong.  Hopefully I can do a successful photo later.  For now here is a before pic.

I am also getting another clue today for the Mystery Shawl.  Unfortunately I had a lot of ripping out and do overs on Clue 2 and I am nowhere ready to move on.  In fact I am only on row 6 of the Brioche stitch.  I don't know if I can make it through the next 9 or so rows without a mistake or my needles falling apart.  I just cannot fix errors made during this knitting technique.  I had better get to taking care of things around here.  I have an early date this evening.  Leaving around 4 in the afternoon for dinner at the Curve Inn with friends followed by a basketball game between Purdue and Ball State in Muncie.  HA!  I just got a call that the game is not the guys team.  It is GIRLS basketball.  Oh, well, it is something to do!

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