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12/28/14 - I haven't posted for awhile but I have been busy doing Christmas things.  I think it is finally over.  Today we went to Columbus, Indiana  to deliver the last Christmas gift to one of Randy's daughter.  On the way back we made a quick stop at a little inside flea market in Shelbyville.  Unfortunately we got there right at closing time.  They allowed us to make a quick lap around the place.  I ran across this piece of furniture that sure looks like it was made to go with the antique bedroom furniture I have at the farm.  I am not home yet but will compare it when I get there.  In the meantime I will get it posted before I forget.

The sad thing is that the shop owners told me it was sold.  I probably wouldn't have bought it anyway,  I may go back again when they are open to try to find out who the new owner is and if they know any more about the history of this piece.

I was told today this piece sold for $700.  The owners also said they had an appraiser tell them the piece was worth $800 to $1500.  They just wanted to sell it.  I know, big difference between low and high appraisal.

 The picture at the right was taken so I could compare it to the trim on my pieces.

Signing off...........more to do.

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