Love affair over. . . .

I used to say the highlight of my day was morning coffee. (Kind of sad to think that is the most exciting part of my day, don't you think?) For years, I would drink at least a pot of coffee in the mornings......and, I must have Cool Whip, instead of cream. And, pour in the artificial sweetener. I don't think any of those things are good for a person. So, my love affair with coffee is over. I've made a change. Instead of coffee, I have caffeine-free tea with honey. I only drink one cup, maybe two. Results? I've noticed I've been sleeping a lot later in the mornings. Why get up for a cup of tea?

Another health-inspired change is no more Diet Coke or soft drinks at home. That's why there is a lemon in the picture. Instead of soda, I now have fresh lemonade for a drink. I'm beginning to get used to it but I sure miss the carbonated soft drinks. I do allow coffee and Diet Coke when I'm dining out . Woohoo!

I've read that a hot drink of honey and lemon is really good for you. Someday I'll give it a try.

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  1. I applaud your stick-to-it-tiveness on giving up the soft drinks -- since I have never been a tea or coffee drinker ... colas have been my choice of beverage. However, giving up Coke or Pepsi last year for Lent, I became enamored with 7-UP/Sprite/and Sierra Mist. I still have an occastional Coke, but maybe only 1/2 glass. I have no scientific data to back me up, but I think the colas have prematurely aged the skin all over my body. I think they are the reason for the extra pounds that I carry around. I have been thinking of drinking my daily warm water/honey/vinegar mixture again. And since I read your blog ... I will begin immediately! Vinegar has such healing properties. Thanks for giving me the uumpth I needed!