Blowin' in the wind

I had 600 gallons of propane delivered one day last week. A couple days later I smell gas. Yep, the tank was leaking. It was a big brew-ha-ha with the gas company coming out; told me to call 911 (waited about an hour for the repairman, then did call the sheriff) Nothing happened, except I lost who knows how much propane at $1.79 a gallon. Oh, did I mention this was all happening around 1 a.m. I guess these yellow crystals must be the propane??????


  1. where do you get your propane from? and has this been fixed yet?

  2. wow! How scary is that...when I was a very young girl we lived about 1/4 from a propane company where the stored the propane...one night there was a leak and an explosion. My father happened to be coming home at that time and spotted a man running and he was all aflame...my dad rolled him on the ground and put him in the back of our car and rushed him 40 minutes to the hospital..the man survived thankfully...I can still recall the smell in our car, we ended up having to sell it..couldn't ever get the odor out...I still feel uncomfortable around propane tanks.