Got the time. . . .

I haven't been wearing a watch because of carrying a cell phone. Lately I've been missing the convenience of glancing at your wrist for the time. And, often, I forget my cell phone or don't know where it is. So, while in Big Lots on Thursday I got these two fashion watches. They were having a sale - buy one, get one half off. I got both of these for $7.50, total. I priced some watch batteries in Wal-Mart the other day and they were expensive.
I find a lot of little things I like in Big Lots. I've been thinking of putting some crafty things on a new site called Artfire. But, how can you compete with these big discount stores?

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  1. Big Lots used to be my favorite place for bargains -- can't tell you all the things I have purchased there for the house and for my grandchildren -- however, I just don't go shopping much anymore -- I also love Marshall's -- like it the best -- lovely things for the home -- but I love the soaps and body creams and things like this