Not working. . . .

I've been trying to make a free-form peyote bracelet. . . . shown here are three attempts. There is also another bracelet on the bottom that I made earlier. The beading on that bracelet came out okay but it is a little too large. And, as you can see the other bracelets are coming out about the same length. My first attempt is the multicolor that I decided was just too busy. Then, the second attempt, I stopped because I was afraid it was too long. The top attempt was beginning to take shape. I had measured it at the start -8". As I went along, I measured again, and as you can see, it's about as long as the others. It's just not working. Think I'll go back to knitting for awhile.


  1. You are very talented -- I like all these bracelets -- if they are too large for your wrist ... could you use them as ankle bracelets? too pretty not to wear!