I've got window peepers. . . .

Every morning its the same old thing. There they are - Peeping Tom (Mouser) and Miss Kitty. . . . . . . waiting for their breakfasts. And, let me tell you, they have really been putting it away; getting ready for Winter, I guess. They have a building to get inside, complete with kitty beds. And, I put them in the garage, well above freezing, when the outside temperature gets really cold. Do you have any "window peepers?"

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  1. We have had in our 41 years of married life -- 9 cats that either walked here on their own 4 paws or we stopped from being drowned by uncaring hearts -- they are all gone now -- either of disease or old age -- but they all lived together peacefully -- they are all buried in our back yard in plastic boxes -- and I still remember all their names! Thanks for taking care of these precious beings.