Gourds and Grandmothers

Okay. Beading, not going so well. But, I have another project started. I'm hoping I can take these gourd pieces and turn them into representations of the 13 Original Clan Mothers. We held our first discussion honoring Talks with Relations, Clan Mother of the First Moon Cycle. She is the Keeper of learning the truth.
From the Jamie Sams book: Talks with Relations is the Clan Mother of the first moon cycle and is the Keeper of learning the truth which is understood through finding kinship with all life. Kinship speaks of having right relationships with the Creative Force, with the Self, with our Orendas or Spiritual Essences, with our bodies, with family, friends, worthy opponents, and with All Our Relations in every part of the natural world. Orange carries the Medicine of kinship with all life because it is the color of the Eternal Flame of Love that the Great Mystery placed in the hearts of every part of Creation.

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