Time to simplify and reorganize........................................

To the right is my work/computer desk.  It is the most uncomfortable thing ever to work on.  Originally made for a PC with keyboard, there is nowhere to set the laptop that feels right.  I think I will figure out a way to pitch this old desk and bring in one of the small table and chairs I have here at the farm.  Then I will have 3 tables/chairs in the house and still eat standing by the sink. LOL
Oh,  check out the cords................so much electronic junk!  Yep.  That will be my project for today.  Reorganize this area so I can enjoy my computer.  That is one of the reasons I liked the apartment.  It had a great desk/computer space! In fact, that is when and why I started blogging again.  So, it is off to reorganize.

The sign above is above my little storage shed outside the back door.  Maybe I should move it
inside for inspiration.

I did do some reorganizing to get rid of some of the clutter.  It is 1 degree outside so I decided moving furniture to and from the barn was not a good option at this time.  I did get the keyboard from the apartment and attach it to the computer.  It is so complicated I can't figure out how to use all the shortcuts and browser connections.....................that will take a whole inside snow day and maybe a wireless mouse to make it really functional.  I think I paid $45 for the keyboard many moons ago.  It would behoove me to learn to use it.

One really good thing did happen with this reorganization ---- as a result of moving the TV a few inches to the right, I can now get all the channel 63 offerings.  There are still way too many cords.  That is another bad thing about an older house.  They were built with the idea that one outlet was enough.  How that has changed!

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