Good buys.......................

1/28/15 - My solution to staying on a diet is
stay busy.  This included some shopping.  In
Anderson, there are only a couple stores -
Kohls and Carsons - worth shopping.  I have
also decided an upgrade of my wardrobe is in
order,  I love shopping ---- well, I used to love
shopping at Goodwill.  Nowadays it seems like
their prices are too high.  Oh, occasionally I
can find a bargain but I am seriously over

Yesterday I bought 2 blouses by Chaps at
Kohls.  They were originally $49 each.  I paid
$9.80 for both of them!  My sales ticket informed
me that I had saved $88.20!

The photo shows 5 pieces - all Chaps - that I purchased this week.  All were on sale.  In fact, I got all of them for less than what the original retail price of the red plaid piece.  Chaps is a little southwestern and I like that.  And, shopping keeps me out of the casino. 

Notice there are no slacks, jeans or pants.  The reason being, I will not buy anything until I can get into some of my current pants that are too tight.  I refuse to buy bigger!

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