Welcome 2015....................................

This is it.  Freaky New Years Eve at Hoosier Park.  Those are midget wrestlers at right.  They were visible from our dining seats.  The show also contained Drag Queens, a man putting his face in glass, another with a meat hook through his tongue to pick up iron weights, a spike through the head ---------- and yes, this was all going on while we were dining! And, the music was so loud and the language was x-rated.......Randy swore he wasn't ever going back to that low class place. I believe I saw him stick some napkin pieces in as earplugs!  Ha!


At right are pictures of the activities taking place in the terrace.  A huge snake and other exotic, freaky critters available for petting.  The young lady is nude from the waist up.  She is being painted in lieu of clothes!   They had a wedding chapel (always do on NY Eve) - but no one taking advantage while we were there.  Probably did a multiple marriage ceremony right after midnight.

Update - this morning Randy said he would go to the Hoosier Park Brunch with me....... His boycott didn't last long.

Happy New Year!

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