Magic door...............................

1/24/15 - It happened again!  I come home to find a bag filled with goodies hanging on my doorknob.  This time a bag with a handmade cross and a Thank You Card from a friend.  I guess she learned to make house blessing crosses while on a trip to Sedona, AZ.  I already have it hanging in the living room. :) 

Today, I am thinking about taking a trip to Noblesville to visit a shop called Good Journeys.  They are planning a Holistic Health and Psychic Fair Feb 28 - March 1.  I will attend that but have decided to hold off on making the trip today.  After checking their products, they do not appear to have that much inventory.  More of a meeting place. 

Speaking of meetings, I got a notice from a site I haven't visited in years.....meet-up.  It was describing a new group of spiritually minded people who will be starting a meetup once a week with workshops.  Since it is only 5 miles away, I, of course, signed up to join. 

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