1/21/15 - While rereading my post from yesterday, I noticed a statement that applies to me:

Successful people don't rationalize.
Two things determine if a person will be a success: reasons and results.
Reasons don't count while results do...

I often find myself rationalizing.  In fact, I say I am good at it.  After reading this I had better make some changes. 

Also, I went to the internet to research tinnitus and connection to the spirit realm.  Here is one of the simplest explanations.  It seems to be like any uncomfortable sensation.  If you relax and "go into it", results are better. Some recommended stones to develop clairaudience can be found HERE.

I've posted these earrings because they are like a pair I bought while in Broad Ripple.  I gave $6 for my pair.  When I got home,  I looked for them on EBay.  They have Tree of Life Earrings in Sterling Silver selling for 99cents with free shipping!  Lesson here is to check things out before impulse buying.  On the other hand, I have missed out on some good deals by not acting..........................Uh-oh, there I go with the rationalization.   Got to work on that!

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