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I look forward to Susan Miller's monthly astrology report because she explains the characteristics of each planet and the effect they have as they enter the different houses according to the date of your birth ------ all kind of a matter of timing.  I am recording her monthly forecast on my blog for easy reference.  I notice that she, as well as another source, warn against large purchases when Mercury is retrograde.  Therefore, I am putting off my car purchase until all is clear.

Also, From Branches:  Mercury ends retrograde on Feb 11, giving us a green light to sign contracts purchase cars... from www.astroblogick.com




Libra Horoscope for January 2015  find your forecast HERE.

By Susan Miller

Dates to Note for Libra:

The full moon, January 4, will be a trying time for your career. Allow extra days up to January 9 for the full moon to fully deliver its message, as all full moons express emotion for days afterward. It won't be an easy reentry into work after the holidays.

One of your best, most favorite days will be Tuesday, January 13, when Venus and Uranus will cooperate to bring you all kinds of romantic fun.

You may hear from someone you care about very much when Mercury in your house of love receives a contact from Uranus, January 14. Your heart may be beating double time!

Mercury will retrograde in your house of true love from January 21 to February 11. You can now change the pacing of a love relationship if single, or reconcile with a past lover if you are so inclined.

Do not buy electronics, appliances, furniture, or a valuable item with moving parts while Mercury is retrograde (see above dates).

Mars will light your love sector too, until January 12, continuing a trend that started December 5. This makes January an ideal time to circulate.

The new moon will continue the romantic energy that Mars brought to you, starting January 20. New moons can create a big change in your life, so take this new moon seriously. If you want to meet someone new, here is your chance. If you are attached, this is the time you can devote to one another. If you hope for a baby, this would be the time to try. If you have children now, they will bring joy.
If you still need to do something special for your home, the vibrations between Saturn and the Sun on January 23 will be the ideal day to browse.

Mars will enter Pisces on January 12, to stay until February 19 and make your day-to-day schedule quite busy. If self-employed, your services will be in high demand, and if employed by others, you will be the one in the department your boss depends on most.


You've had a very rough time over the past few years, so what you need most is a little fun and a lighter atmosphere. The holidays were supposed to supply that, but with so many planets stacking up in Capricorn at the new moon, December 21, through the end of the year and into early January, you likely had your hands full, running from pillar to post, playing host to family, and making sure that all family members felt welcome and comfortable. If you had a family member who was ill, you may have wanted to help out. Rest was the last thing on your list, but truly, you need a vacation from the holiday.

Although I don't see time for travel (but of course, I cannot see your entire chart from where I sit), I do see that leisure fun will come in the second half of January, but first you will have to get through the difficult full moon in Cancer, 15 degrees, on January 4, and influential for an extra five days. This full moon will light your career reputation sector (tenth house), so clearly there are project-related details to attend to at the start of the month. You seem to have a critic, competitor, or a detractor who seems to be in a cranky mood, and you need this person like the Titanic needs more water coming in - not at all. Pluto will be in hard angle from your home sector, so family will clearly be on your mind, when at the same time you are trying to juggle career demands. Your partner may not be any help, as Uranus will also be in hard angle to this full moon from your marriage and established partnership sector. The seventh house is not only partners, but also what the ancients called "open enemies" so if you have one, you will know about it when this person tries to ruffle your feathers. A full moon that falls in tender Cancer always brings heightened emotions, but this one seems to be especially so.

Things won't go smoothly if your birthday falls near October 7, plus or minus five days. If you have a September birthday, the mathematical degrees of this full moon will be out of range, and the same will be true if your birthday falls October 13 and beyond.

Happily, things will improve almost immediately for everyone (of every sign), once we all get through the full moon period, which will last until January 9. After that, tensions will simmer down. (All full moons will always have a halo of influence of four days on either side of the date it appears.)

If you need to come up with superb ideas, put a circle around January 14 and 27, when Mercury, in your creative sector, will receive shimmering beams form Uranus, planet of genius. On January 12, Mars will move into your work project sector, so you will start to get busy at the office. It will be helpful to have these two jewel-like days to help you generate ideas others will hail as pure genius. You will have to apply your concentration, but if you do, you will have all the cosmic support you need to bowl others over. If you are self-employed, Mars in your sixth house of work assignments means you will have plenty of new clients through February 19, and that trend will continue, thanks to a friendly solar eclipse due March 20. You won't be frantically looking for new clients either - they will be beating a path to your door. Also, the assignments you get in the first quarter of 2015 will be the kind that will allow you plenty of room to put your own imprint and style upon.

Watch that you don't go down the wrong lane on a project on Thursday, January 15, when Mars ("Rush! Go!") will work at cross-purposes to Saturn ("Stop! Take it slower!"). With so many confusing messages coming at you, sum up to your client or boss what you assume you will be expected to do, and that will save you time and energy.

The new moon this month was just made for you. Coming on January 20, it will fall in Aquarius 0 degrees, and it will light your house of true love. You've waited a year for a new moon to help boost your social life, and it's about to arrive! This new moon is very friendly because Saturn will be so friendly. If you are single, you may meet someone in the ten days that follow this new moon that remains in your life a long time. If you are attached, you can grow closer - give one another the best gift you can give another person, your undivided attention and an unmistakable sense of happiness and enthusiasm for being together.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 to February 11, and this planet of thinking, perception, and communication will retrograde in your fifth house of true love. This will give you a chance to adjust the pacing of a relationship you are in now, or to reconcile with a former relationship if that is something you've been thinking about doing. Mercury retrograde wants you to look back, rather than to start a new relationship or venture. This same house rules creative endeavors, so it might be that a project you had put aside a long time ago will now jump to life - you'll be excited. (It may also be that a former client you've not heard from in ages has a new one for you, and it will have plenty of room for you to add your inspired ideas.)

Mercury retrograde is not the time to sign contracts, and not the time to buy expensive electronics or machines with moving parts, like a kitchen appliance or automobile. It would not be the time to sign papers, so do your signings early in January or wait until the second half of February. (February 26 is a good day, one of my favorites.)

Now let's talk about romance, which is a big trend that is coming in this month! It stated last month with the move of Mars into Aquarius on December 5 last month, and Mars will remain in Aquarius until January 12.

Remarkably, Venus is rarely with her lover Mars, but these two surely want to be in each other's arms. The universe gives each planet plenty of assignments, and with their different orbits it is almost impossible to find them in the same sign. This month they both will be in your house of true love. (Mars takes two years to circle the Sun, and Venus, about a year to take the same trip.) Venus will enter Aquarius, an ideal place for you, on January 3 and stay until January 27. Not only will your social life become more exciting, but it's also a great time to buy new things to wear and to refresh your looks. Mercury will be retrograde soon, so act early in the month for best result. If you see an item you just have to have later in the month, carefully save the receipt in case you need to make an exchange or ask for a refund. With Mercury retrograde, anything is possible.

One of your best days will be, ironically, the same day Mars leaves your true love sector, Tuesday, January 12, when your guardian planet, Venus (the planet whose job it always is to take good care of you - Venus rules Libra), will play tag with Uranus and bring all kinds of unexpected surprises and fun in matters of the heart. This day should bring memorable experiences for both single and attached Libras, because Venus will be in your true love and fun sector, and Uranus will be based in your steady partner area. If you are attached, let your partner make the decisions - you may be thrilled with the ideas he/she comes up with on this day.

Finally, I had mentioned that you were very focused on home and family matters last month. If you feel you need a good day to address a home sale, rent, move, renovation, repair, or maintenance project, you will have the right aspects from Mars and Pluto on January 30.



Your career will be the center of your thinking at the emotional full moon of January 4. This full moon comes packed with difficult aspects from Uranus (ruling unexpected news) and Pluto (powerful, self-absorbed authority figures), so if you don't get the job you interviewed for recently, don't worry. Everyone will have problems with this full moon, and you will get other chances to find the job of your dreams. Of course, there are many possible outcomes to this full moon. The client may not buy the idea you are pitching, the company you wanted to join may announce a hiring freeze - you get the idea. Or, it may be that an idea you recommend to the client simply needs tweaking, and that would be an ideal way to have this full moon work out for you.

At the same time, you may have a sudden concern over a situation happening at home or in relation to a family member. As some examples, a perspective buyer of your condo may become unexpectedly difficult, asking for all sorts of extras that he had not voiced before you presented the contract for the sale. Or you may find a dream space after looking at many, but be dismayed to hear your partner is not impressed with the property and won't go along with putting in a bid.

There are other possibilities. Pluto, clashing with Uranus, rules the structure of your home, so you may need to make a quick but extensive repair. Another manifestation of this trend that would focus instead on the welfare of a family member, if your close relative does not feel well or is in a crisis, you will need to drop everything to assist. In any of these examples, you will need to keep your schedule light.

Life will go from glum to glorious after the January 4 full moon has waned by January 9. Mars will tour your romance sector until January 12 and will get you in a sublime mood for love. Once you get to the new moon, January 20, in the same sector, romantic and fun opportunities will spice your life in many ways. All new moons are influential for ten days after they appear, so be sure to find ways to head out the door. If you are single, you will have a marvelous chance to meet someone new, and with Saturn so beautifully oriented to that new moon, that alliance would have the potential to last a very long time. Jupiter will help you too, in terms of a friend who will want to make an introduction - let her. Keep an open heart and don't let your past relationships define your future ones.

Venus, your guardian planet in charge of taking good care of you (and also the planet in charge of good looks) will help too, by gliding in the best sign possible for you, fellow air-sign Aquarius, and settle into your romantic sector from January 3 to 27. Spend some time and money updating your looks. Shop for fabulous wardrobe bargains, visit your hairstylist or barber shop and for my women readers, also investigate the new cosmetic colors to see if any are calling your name. Improving your looks will give you confidence at the right moment, for this is the very best season of 2015 for Libra to find love. If you are already attached, you will get more attention from your partner, and together you can stir up more fun. Every Libra, of every marital status will win.

Hands down, your best days for love will be January 12, 14, and January 27. Uranus, planet of surprise, will be playing Cupid by standing behind every potted planet and tree, poised with bow and arrow. You won't have to try hard on these days - your natural magnetism will work the magic. I am splitting hairs here, though - you have an entire month of fun and love in store.

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