Vines, vines, vines, more vines.......cut, chop, carry

I've returned from another trip to the house in Aurora. I spent the previous week cutting and weeding so things actually looked pretty good this time. I did have to get the three garbage bags and 6 overflowing garbage cans of yard wast to the curb for trash pickup. Actually I had carried several additional loads of greens across the road and deposited them for the river to carry off. So, all is looking pretty good there. The telephone wires by the back door had been pulled from the house. Since last weekend boat races were on the agenda, I thought maybe an RV treking down the alley may have caught them and pulled them down. I notified the phone company and it wasn't until the guy attempted to replace the wire that we discovered the vines had wound and grown over much of the wire. I think it was all that weight that pulled the wires from the house. All is back in order now but I will have to keep a closer eye on the meandering vines!
I left Autora on Wednesday and planned my return trip through Brookville so I could visit Whites Flea Market. It was packed. I didn't stay long but maybe next time I will make an earlier departure and enjoy a full morning of shopping.

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