I couldn't help myself. . . .

I couldn't help myself......I've always had a weakness for these bald-headed, rotund. robed figures. For years I collected Chinese mud men and love buddahs so, when I saw this picture at the Goodwill in Rushville, I bought it. It had a piece of plastic instead of glass in the old black frame. The gold fabric covered mat isn't visible here either because I have it dismantled while I look for a new glass.

Yesterday I had the sudden urge to cook. I made homemade noodles and cooked chicken (I actually prefer beef & noodles). A friend of mine comented once that cooking was her hobbly. The more I think about it.....that is a wonderful hobby. Unlike collecting, you makeit, eat it, share it and its gone! No storage, no providing a place to display, no lugging around from place to place. That friend, Sandy, is coming over today and we'll be having a late lunch of Chicken & Noodles, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and salad??? She is an excellent cook so I hope my lunch is ok. Trouble is. . . . I am low on potatoes and need to head out of here for the store.

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