Since the first grade........

My family moved to this farm when I was in the first grade.  Of course, time passed and I have lived a lot of different places.  But, here I am, back at the farm. In fact, I have been back here full-time for the last 10 years.  This summer I have been staying in my old bedroom.  The main reason is because it can get TV reception. The room is small but little nooks and crannies offer lots of places for storage.   The drawersto the right contain all kinds of beading and craft supplies, as does the desk aross from it  I hung the silly orange lighted mirror picture (it plays surf sounds when lighted and turned on) in anticipation of using this room for meditation.  HA!

The only thing I am really dissatisfied with is the darn TV.  First of all it is too big for my little room and secondly look at the visible wires used to run the thing.  I could scooch them all under the bed but every time I jiggle or move them, the picture goes out.  I've tried this same TV in my big bedroom but it only gets a few stations in there. So, until I can figure out this problem I may just continue to sleep in my old childhood bedroom.

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