AGE 70, Still Standing November 2016 -   Just adding an updated photo to my blog.  I made it through all the (January/February 2016) cancer radiation/chemo treatments and have had a couple good reports through PET scans and PAP tests since my last radiation treatment February .  I do still have some kidney issues as a result of either the original tumor or the treatments.  I am not really clear on all of that.  Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to record all of the procedures I have been through.  It is just for my personal records since the paper I have them noted on seems to keep getting lost.  My original cancer diagnosis came in October of 2015.  Since then I have been subjected to the following hospital procedures, most of which  required anesthesia (in bold). The Nephrostomy and PIC Line were placed under a local.......

Daily Radiation (5X week) started 1/5/2016 and ended 2/23/16)
Chemo once a week began 1/6/2016 with last dose on 2/11/16 - I think one treatment was cancelled because of kidneys.  I also had a lot of infusions during this period, but didn't really track them.  They usually followed the radiation treatments with some extras thrown in after the external radiation ended. I think the PIC line was in until April sometime because of additional hydration treatments.

11/19/15 - Cold Knife Biopsy
11/23/15 - PET Scan
12/24/15 - Left Stent
 1/05/15  - PIC Line inserted
 1/28/16 -  Internal Radiation
 2/01/16  - Bilateral Stents
 2/04/16 -  Internal Radiation
 2/12/16 -  Internal Radiation
 2/18/16  - Internal Radiation
 2/25/16  - Internal Radiation
 4/15/16  - Bilateral Stents
 7/11/16  - Bilateral Stents
 8/23/16  - PET Scan
 8/25/16  - Flat X-ray of Kidneys
 8/29/16  - Nephrostomy Tube & Bag
10/18/16 - Bilateral Stents, Neph tube removed

Well, that's it for now. I will be receiving a call Mid January for my next Stent Replacement surgery.

No wonder my eyes show a little of the strain!  Not quite myself but feeling better and better.

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