Friends at the Light Festival

Here are some photos taken Sunday at the Light Festival at Sharonville, Ohio on Sunday November 20, 2016.  That's me on the left wearing my Exploration Station Shawl - a Stephen West Mystery Shawl project from a couple years age. (Looks like I need to adjust that thing........ I hope I didn't walk around all day wearing it like a giant bib!) 

Here is Debbie. In this picture she is trying out the DoTerra oils.

There is a lot to see and do at The Victory of Light festival.  It has gotten a lot bigger over the years.  It is held in the Sharonville Convention Center.  This particular 2-day event has speakers all day long in addition to the vending area that consists of 3 large rooms.   I guess I have been attending this type of show too long because none of the topics were of much interest to me.  The couple of lectures I attended contained  very basic info I was already acquainted with.  I did win a drawing and received a free psychic reading.  Nothing in the reading I wanted to hear either  It basically ended up being a session with the man telling me to sell my farm.  It does enter my mind to put my place up for sale but that isn't any new information.  That is something I think and wrestle with every day.  I am pretty much convinced there is nothing to be learned from a psychic reading that you don't already know.  I paid for another reading and this woman spent five minutes describing my aura!   How in the heck is that helpful?  Then she got on the farm and more advise to sell................ blah, blah blah

Besides me and Debbie another friend and neighbor, Ann, made the trip with us.  She currently has her poperty up for sale.  I'm kind of waiting to see how that goes for her.  We are both too old to be doing all the work involved in keeping up the type of  places we own.  The difference is - her family is behind her making the move.  In my case, my son would be very upset if I sold. Decisions, decisions!

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