Panama Hat - October 21, 2016

I have spent the better part of 2 days working on this hat only to find out it is too big.  So, I guess I will start the unraveling.  For reference, the pattern I used follows:  (This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download ).  After studying the pattern given, it is wrong.  I started round 8 with 16 (4 DC +ch+FPDC+ch) or 7 stitches X 16 repeats for a total of 112 stitches.  The child's hat was supposed to be 96 stitches, so I should have stopped at round 6 with 16 (3D
C+ch+FPDC+ch) or 6 stitches X 16 repeats for a total of 96 stitches!  Pattern is wrong! 

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