Before pic

10/14/14 - I took this picture earlier today because it was going to be my before picture - before my new toilet was installed. And, I don't really think there is that much difference in toilets, so I wanted to compare for myself.

The main reason I am getting a new toilet is because I have to hold the handle down until it completes flushing.  I cannot just push the handle and leave.  This happened after I cracked the original tank and replaced it with a different one.  Obviously not the right tank for the toilet.   The job didn't get done today................so, I will have to take an after photo later. 

There isn't much that can be done in my bathroom  It is so small.  How small is it?  It is so small that when I am trying to blow dry my hair, it sucks my shower curtain into the intake of the dryer.

Looking at this picture I realize why they stick them in a little closet-like room nowadays.  Not a very pretty sight!

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