Tin Man, Swing Man.....................

Tin Man and Swing Man
October 24, 2014 -  Busy day today.  I had to get up early today.  Lots of things to do before leaving early this afternoon with Randy for Indiana Live to watch the horse races. 

Before 8 am I was up to the house applying Mineral Spirits to the tub in hopes of getting all remaining grout off before applying the new.  This time I am going to try one of those stick on rubber tape things instead of grout.  I have a little more scrapping to do then I will be ready for the new seal around the tub.

I still haven't determined where to put my tin man so he has been hanging around the farm "Post Office".  He has taken on a pretty good coat of rust this summer.  I like to hear him rattling in the wind.  Next spring I may find him a spot out by the sunflower bed. 

Swing guy got a new pair of jeans and for the first time some shoes.  He really needs a name.  I thought something that means guardian.  When I looked for a guardian name Howard (home ward) and Edward (my dad's name) were two that appealed to me - both are supposed to mean "guardian of the home"  I just feel funny calling swing man Ed because it is NOT my dad!  Could go with Howie or Xander the Greek name for Protector.  Actually, he kind of looks like a Howie!

Enough computer time.  I am heading back to the old trailer to salvage a few things.  Maybe I should load up the old push mower and take it to the scrap yard. Not today.  Today I am going to remove one of the little fluorescent lights to use above the sink at the apartment.  Maybe I will also take off all the cabinet handles for recycling purposes.  Heading out!

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