New ride? Finished installation.

10/17/14 - Here it is.  The finished installation.  Not much difference between this picture and the "before" photo posted a couple days earlier.  This toilet has the oblong bowl, is 16-1/2 " high (getting ready for those days when it is difficult to get up and down, Ha!), slow closing lid, and - and - and - and instead of a handle, there is a button on top that fully flushes with just one push. And, and, and, that button is divided so you can select a little flush or a big super flush!  I'm liking it!

Now, off to clean up my car.  I am going to Devoe Chev in Alexandria to see about making a trade for a 2014 Captiva.  It is a little bigger than my car - used, with less than 5,000 miles but they probably still want too much even with my car as a trade-in.  I will have to get a job for sure it I buy it!  On jobs - I would love a little something to earn extra money but who wants to hire a 68-year old? There - I can't believe it when I hear myself say it  - 68!  Oh, well, off to clean out the Matrix just in case.

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