Example of how things change.

10/3/14 -  I wasted most of this morning sorting old post cards by state, foreign country, comic, folders, greeting card, etc.  I have sold a few but I doubt if any are of real value.  One that made me feel a little sad was a souvenir folder of Detroit Michigan. Below is Ford Motor Company Building with 25,000 Employees.  The inside of the folder reads: " Detroit is the first city in the manufacture of Automobiles, Automobile parts, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Overalls, Stoves and Varnishes.  One Automobile Factory at the present time occupies 7,000,000 square feet of factory and office floor space, giving employment to over 43,000 men.  When additions now in  course of erection are completed, floor space and number of employees will be doubled.

Present population 800,000.

Modestly shares with Washington, D.C. the honors of being the most beautiful city in America."

"The Latch String Hangs Out"

The old cars featured on some of the post cards and mention of Michigan Central Station as "new"  in this folder suggest post card folder is from approx 1913.

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