Hood Ornament and a People "Piece of Work"


On Saturday, 9/27/14, Randy and I attended a couple car shows: James Dean Festival at Fairmount Indiana and the Duck-Tail Hot Rod Run at Gas City, Indiana.  There were lots of beautiful autos - old, new, rods and one-of-a-kind collector cars.  It was a fun outing but the only picture I had on my phone was this creative "hood ornament".  Have I ever mentioned the first car I ever bought on my own was an Orange Gremlin!  I guess I don't have the best taste in cars.

I had to add a couple pictures of another guy we saw at the Ducktail Run in Gas City.  He was quite the sight as was his Winnebago Family Truckster.  If you want to see more of  this piece of work, he has a Facebook Page entitled Winnebago Family Truckster.  Search him from your Facebook page. : )

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