Readymade Scarf versus my Handmade Scarf


 October 22, 2014 - I purchased the yarn at the right from a shop in Noblesville called Always in Stitches. Believe it or not the total cost of those 4 skeins of yarn was $55.60!  Looking at the photo I think the varigated and the darker green may be too close in color to have a good outcome.  This yarn is for the Mystery Scarf I am making from Stephen West's pattern available on Ravelry.  We begin knitting without knowing what the scarf looks like, so I won't know until I have it well underway.  Not worrying about it anymore.  I will instead await my first clue and begin knitting optimistically on October 31st. 

Then, to the left, is a scarf I purchased today at the Bargain Mill for $2.  That's right - $2.00!  It is complete, ready to wear and adorned with scarf jewelry.  I will make my final decision as to which scarf I like best after the Mystery Shawl is finished.                                                                                       

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