A trailer day. . . .

10/10/14 - I have listed ornament kits like this one on Ebay several times.  They usually bring at least $9.99.  I got bids on 2 of the last ones I listed, but the lady wants me to wait 3 weeks for payment.  I have agreed to do it. If for some reason she doesn't pay, I have been thinking it might be fun to make the ornaments myself.  I remember making these with my mother years ago.  In fact, they are stored in the attic.  She had some beautiful ornaments.  I should start listing those, too.  The finished ones bring good money also.

I have goofed off for a couple days so now it is time to devote some attention to farm stuff.  Like getting that trailer off my property before the end of the year!

My To-Do list today includes making some phone calls:
1) to see if the original guy who said he would do it is going to show up; 2) call the guy who moved one for a neighbor to see if he is interested 3) call the ad in the paper to see if they have recommendation 4) head back there and pick up some of the metal scrap I gathered earlier and take it to the scrap yard - maybe they know someone. . . . .

Sounds like fun, huh?  The sooner I get started, the sooner it will be over then I can knit, crochet and make beautiful ornaments.

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