Scarf Pattern FROGGED!

                          10/11/14:  I may not finish this scarf pattern.  I started it and restarted it several times.  I made a chart to make sure I was putting the stitches in the right spot.  I finally got that all worked out but it was very hard to get my crochet hook in the sc stitch of the previous row.  So, on one of my restarts, I started making the slip stitch very loose.  This helped enough that I started the scarf again with high hopes.  

By the way, the shorter scarf pictured was another attempt to make this pattern.  I thought since putting the hook into the slip stitch was so hard, perhaps I could do the scarf by putting the hook in the space of the previous row, not under the two top threads of the sc.  Well, I made a scarf but this came out tight, less wide and so thick and bulky I didn’t like it crocheted that way.   
I told myself with practice I would get going and complete the scarf as the instructions indicated.  I got about 13 inches completed when I noticed a snafu about halfway down.  I see a hole (I made it bigger for the pic) and at the end/start of that same row is a turn row stitch that sticks out a little too far to be right.  This may just be where I started to loosen up and crochet with correct tension.  Instead of looking like an arrow, my first row curves in – probably me working too tightly caused this. The picture at left is how the scarf is supposed to look.  This pattern is available here on Ravelry.

I am going to take a break from this pattern.  Knit something out of the yarn.  Maybe I will try the Desert Arrow Scarf pattern again later.

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