Yarn, yarn, piddle, piddle................

10/29/14 - I am in one of those moods where I do not want to leave the house.  I am thoroughly entertained playing with my yarns and crafts.  At the left are my new colors for the Mystery Shawl.  I was not happy with the first batch for a couple reasons I have explained on my Ravelry site.  Although earlier I said I wasn't going to worry about the first batch, I found this yarn online at JoAnn's site for only $2.99 a skein and couldn't resist changing my original color scheme.  I was a little limited because of staying in the correct yarn weight.

To the right is a scarf I started today from some yarn a friend gave me.  I am hoping it will come out as an argyle pattern.  It will take a few more rows before I see if a pattern is forming.  On top are a couple of the completed felt ornaments.  I made these from an old kit I had bought at a yard sale.  Talk about time consuming.  The little legs on the zebra are hand sewn and stuffed.  Even cutting out the small pieces is a job.  They are actually quite pretty. 

While in the gift shop at Beef and Boards last night  I overheard a couple of ladies discussing a Christmas ornament with a price tag of over $35. Ha!  There is no way I would be interested in something that expensive! I don't even put a tree up.  Seems like time goes so fast it is just a lot of unnecessary work.  If I had grandkids it would be a different story.

The Beef and Boards show was entertaining.  I liked it and the food was very good, too.  The only problem I experienced was the seating.  Too crammed in.  Sitting sideways in my chair to view the stage I was almost shoulder to shoulder with some stranger from the table behind me....much too close! 

A good thing happened to Ann last night.  She thought the case holding her hearing aid had fallen out of her purse the last trip.  They looked under the table at the time and didn't see it.  Later when she called Lost and Found they weren't able to find it either.  She checked again last night.  After two trips to the holding area, the server came up with her $3000 hearing aid!  She had already backed over one so there was no turning this one in to the insurance.  I was happy for her good luck.

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