In the mood to set goals

10/15/14 - I am in the mood to set some goals today and it isn't even new moon time. First, I want to get more items listed on both Ebay and Artfire.   Selling items on Ebay is such a time consuming "hobby", but I do like to see what people will buy.  Surprising sometimes.

I also sell on a site called Artfire.  Items from that shop, where my seller name is Panacea, show up on the left of my blog here.  A click on one of those items will take you to my online shop. Or, use this link -  I hope there is a big improvement in how it looks within the next week.

 I put this photo of Sarah Coventry's Bluebird of Happiness necklace here because it is an item I SOLD on Artfire, listed it in my SOLD Gallery, and continually get emails from people wanting to know where they can get one. So, if you have one, or run into one at a yard sale, nab it.  It is a sought after piece. 

Now, my first goal - get enough interesting things listed on Artfire that the patterns disappear as the first items seen when viewing my shop.  Artfire just recently did an update on how everything looks.  I am still getting used to it. We used to have nice artsy, individual banners but after the update to be more mobile phone friendly, we are all stuck with this ugly orange banner.  I do need to check into this (goal 2).  I think there is a way some of our products can be featured as a banner.

So, it is off to do some Artfire updating and some Ebay listing.

 I've already blown Goal 3 - loose the 10 pounds I gained since Randy started feeding me macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and toasted seasoned French bread at every meal.   Blown it because I just ate a homemade chocolate cookie sandwich loaded with white frosting!

Maybe I can stick to Goal 4 which is to drink at least 8 - 8-oz glasses of water a day.  I saw recently there is an app that buzzes to remind you to drink water every so often during the day.  I thought about downloading it.  Surely I am smart enough to remind myself to DRINK WATER.  Going for some right now!

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