Change is good. . . .

I am trying to adopt that attitude. But, honestly, I still haven't accepted the switch to Cd's from tapes and records. The cell phone frenzy, so you are always at someone's beck and call (except in a desolate area where you might actually need help). The answering machine scam, without waiting for a "call back" it is impossible to reach anyone - (always away from my desk, busy with another [more important?] customer). I thought that was the whole purpose of a business office - - staff hired to serve the customer. Add, the highway robbery scam of charging to watch programs on your home Tv set via cable, satellite, etc. I don't know about you, but this HDTV is a pixilating, dropped signal event at my house! Then the new lightbulbs, more fuel to the "change" fire. Take the two desk lamps on the left. I have been looking for WEEKS for the correct halogen bulb to fit that black light. In fact, I paid $6.88 for a bulb no bigger than a thumbnail, and it wasn't right. So, I am going back to the old booklight also pictured. I mentioned earlier how disposal of these mercury laden bulbs is a real problem. I received a 2-page instruction sheet at the REMC meeting containing warnings and proper disposal methods for the new bulbs.

Well, nothing much can be done about any of these changes. I think they are here for awhile anyway. Thank goodness the lady at the boutique makes homemade, smell good soap for a long liesurely bath. Look how she decorates them and wraps them in special tissue and only charges $1 a bar! Now that's something nice for a change.

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