Getting Ready. . . .

One of the things I accomplished while taking a crafting break was getting the garage in order. I did have kind of a secret agenda. I was looking for a soldering iron and a blow torch. I found both. Now I can try my hand at some metalwork. But before I can get back to crafting and posting to Artfire, I have to figure out how to put the bush hog mower on the tractor. My neighbor took it off for me last year and I had the place where I bought it put it on. So, I'm clueless. I had enough trouble loading the grease gun.
The bottom shelf on the left of the work bench above is a bed for the cat in the winter. It's off the floor, it has a fluffy rug but the cat prefers to sleep on top of one of the cars. I guess I know why. It is closer to the heat duct!

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